Monday, April 7, 2008

The Sun Hat That Wasn't

In celebration of Spring and eventually Summer and in hopes of this crisis called school ending soon, I decided to begin making some clothes. It's been a long time since I've knit or crocheted. I find I think better when I do (maybe it will help me think for these papers and finals coming up). Anyway (because I'm already digressing), I decided to make some clothes. Besides I've finally been added to Ravelry (yeah!) and I want to join up with Refashionista this May.

So Saturday I decide to start out with a sun hat. Now that my hair is in braids, I figure I won't get hat hair.

I decided to go with the Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn, the color is "Jewels". I said to myself, "It's cheap ($1.29/skein). It's cotton. I can wear it in the Summer. A hat will be simple. I will be too cool." I picked up Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2008 (any excuse to buy new patterns right?) because they had a few cute patterns that I wanted to try.

By Sunday night I knew I had problems. Yes that hat looked cute, but I was already on the brim and this hat was CLEARLY too small. I checked my notes, I had been following the adult size, I did the extra rows for adults... Apparently I have a CHROMDOMIUS MAXIMUS head. The hat was wwwwwaaaayyyy too small. So I had a choice...

1. Finish a hat that is clearly too small and that I"ll have to give away...

or 2. Rip everything out and start all over again.

Which did I choose? Let's say that I'm NOT in a giving mood. So that's where I am. Starting all over again. The pattern calls for an H/8 crochet hook and the crown increasing finishes at 72 stitches. So I've decided to use an I/9 crochet hook and I'll continue increasing beyond 72 stitches. I'll have to keep trying it on until I get it to I size that I'm satisfied with. At least I know that I'm going to look too cool in my hat!