Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I think that I've mentioned that I joined the CONCEPT ART forums. Well, someone has answered my request (my plea) for a mentor. This person is a colorist and is going to help me with digital painting! You don't know how excited I am. I still need a mentor for figure drawing/anatomy, character design, perspective, environments/landscapes/worldbuilding, to be honest I need a mentor for %$&*^ing EVERYTHING!


I'm pretty stoked right now. I've got a mentor!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I went to the movies with Thugalicious yesterday. We haven't hung out in a while because I've been busy with classes. I pulled out a sketch I was working on and he name it...


How cool is that!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Discovering Strange

I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday looking for some animal anatomy reference books (I need to understand REAL critters, if I'm going to make up my own), and I of course had to flip through the comics. I came across something that looked kinda cool...

Emily the Strange!

Then when I got home and took a break to browse the Computer Arts Magazine website, I found an article on her.

Now curiousity is peaked, so I go to visit the website. All I can saw is WOW! Who Knew? Apparently everyone else except me. That just goes to show I study WWWWWAAAAAYYYY too much and need to get out more. Today I'm going to pick up a copy of that comic. I'm definitely adding it to my TBR pile, but I'm putting it at the top. (I also want one of her cats!) Imagine having one of those on your bed at night.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Don't Disturb This Groove!

Even though I'm bogged down with SO MUCH SCHOOL WORK, even though I never have a free moment at my job (that's not actually true, but go with me on this), even though I should be concentrating on "serious" shit; I went ahead and joined a few online art groups today.

Flickr (to host my art)
Concept Art
Deviant Art
Draw Anyway
Illustration Friday

At the ConceptNArt Forum I joined the Beginner's Corner and posted some charcoal's I had done. Now I've got a good marker of where I've been so that six months from now I can marvel at how far I've come.

These are the pictures I posted:

Sketch #1

Still Life 2

Sketch #2


Sketch #3

Still Life 1