Saturday, November 3, 2007

Don't Disturb This Groove!

Even though I'm bogged down with SO MUCH SCHOOL WORK, even though I never have a free moment at my job (that's not actually true, but go with me on this), even though I should be concentrating on "serious" shit; I went ahead and joined a few online art groups today.

Flickr (to host my art)
Concept Art
Deviant Art
Draw Anyway
Illustration Friday

At the ConceptNArt Forum I joined the Beginner's Corner and posted some charcoal's I had done. Now I've got a good marker of where I've been so that six months from now I can marvel at how far I've come.

These are the pictures I posted:

Sketch #1

Still Life 2

Sketch #2


Sketch #3

Still Life 1

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