Monday, December 20, 2010

Restarting Insanity

I just finished doing the Insanity Fit Test.  I figure I've got a two-week jump on the New Year's Resolutions.  I'd really like to take this through.  Insanity is 60 Days.  If I can be responsible for 60 days, I think I'm in like Flynn.  Another incentive for sticking to the plan...  I'm trying to come up with a show that I can star in and produce for MCM (Montgomery Community Media).  I'm thinking about something to document my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Would You Cast This Man As Shazam?

I love comics books probably more than the average person; so comic book movies hold a special place in my heart.  This also makes me EXTREMELY opinionated.  So when I see this "Good If I Was Making It In The Basement With All My Friends, Bad If This Truly Screentest" Montage; I asked myself if this guy could be Shazam.  Take a look...

So what did you think?  My first instinct is to say, "No."  I see Captain Marvel being bigger.  Dwayne Johnson.  Maybe Scott Mueller could play Billy Batson...  Then again, maybe not.  Billy is supposed to be a kid.  I guess everyone's has a right to dream. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday

Clearly, I have not been on the internet enough in the last few months. "Chocolate Rain" seems qurky and silly at first. No, I'm serious. It really does seem like a big joke. I first discovered it on Jace Hall's show. However when you listen to the lyrics... Try it. Listen to these lyrics and tell me what you think?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm A Zombie, He's A Zombie, She's A Zombie

I've just watched the first episode of The Walking Dead.  It is most excellent.  It's not your typical hack-n-slash.  In fact, it was a kinda sci-fi alien invaders kinda feel to it.  What I'm liking the best so far is all the character work.  I just figured out who the not-so-jaded Black guy who helps the hero out is.  He's the not-so-jaded Black guy who helps out the hero in Jericho, another holy #$%&! our world as we know it is coming to an end how do we survive show. (Good fact to know for a trivia game!  Actually, I should probably look him up and get his name.  Then I could stop refering to hin as the Black guy, and I would have REAL knowledge for a trivia game.

I think that the best thing about this show is that I COULD WIN A WALK-ON ROLE AS A ZOMBIE.  How cool is that

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Out in the Ether!

Sorry, I have been MIA.  I thought that when I finished classes, I would automatically just drift back into the blog.  Of course, I being the person that I am, have filled my time up with sooooo many things.  I'm trying to get organized again.  I'm taking my PRAXIS II-Special Education test on November 13th.  I'm surprised that the test isn't on computer.  I'm definitely doing NANOWRIMO this year.  That's a given.  (On a side note, my boyfriend just told me that I look sexy in my hat!!)  I've got to start using my camera more.  I need pictures for my mixed media creations and for my digital short film work.  I'm working on some comic book stuff and some short story stuff.  Then there's Concept Art, Computer Graphic, and Figurative Art Challenges, Romance Divas, Forward Motion Writers, my sketchbook, my zines, knitting crocheting and designing clothes, blah-blah-blah-blah, etc.  And I'm planning to move out of my parents house within the next twelve months.  I always have a lot of stuff.  I'm just glad I have a place to organize and be accountable, show off what I'm doing, and ramble if I want to.  Today, I'm hanging out with the Bo; and I'm doing my background/research/outline work for my novel from NANOWRIMO.  I've conned E2 into doing this with me.  This year I think I'll join some of the groups working on this.  I think I may even put a message on my school's email board and see if anyone wants to join me in my venture. I love starting over.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Drawing and Cooking

I just found out about a really cool site call They Draw and Cook.  What a cool way to combine two things I love!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MARCH Creative Experiment Challenge!

I just discovered the COOLEST website--Daisy Yellow Blog! I've been trying to get my **art/creative/craft/yoga/music** mojo jumpstarted for a long time. I think I'm finally finding some sources to inspire and aid in my quest.

It also helps that my masters program is finally coming to a successful end. Yeah, I've got a LOT to do in just a little time. Conventional wisdom says that I should just stick to my school work. (I hardly have enough time to do it as it is!) But I discovered that there's a quality of life that's lost when I don't take some time out for myself.

I've also decided that it's okay if fall off a few band wagons. It's important to experiment and try things out. I think I'm going to start out with three things on her list. There are about three weeks left in March, so I should average out about 1 thing a week. So I think I'm going to...

  • Create art focused on a square (the concept of a square, something square, the shape)

  • Write a page of thoughts on 2 days

  • Draw a rough map of a place in your life - a favorite vacation spot, your house, school, the grocery store (ideas @ Hand Drawn Map Association and links + maps the kids drew at Making Maps and More Maps)

I think these are doable, and I'm excited about ALL of them. Who knew that there was a Hand Drawn Map Association? How cool is that?!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fall-In-Love-With-A-Poet Mini Challenge, Poem #1

I've joined the community READ WRITE POEM. It's still fairly early in the new year, and I'm making every attempt to put my money where my mouth is. I'm actively attempting to write and draw daily. The assignment was to create a cento, using poems from your favorite poet. It was hard choosing a favorite poet. I love Shel Silverstein.

I've also recently discovered Margaret Atwood as a poet.

Although she says that she is not a speculative fiction writer, I think that a lot of her works appeal to this sensibility in me.

Here is my first poem-

I am not the favorite child,
A horse or even a tent
Now I would know too much.
I am the space you desecrate.
The memory is no friend.

This poem uses

Backdrop Addresses Cowboy
A Visit
A Sad Child

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kalighat Painting

These paintings are fascinating.  I can see using them as prompts for writing and for drawing.