Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MARCH Creative Experiment Challenge!

I just discovered the COOLEST website--Daisy Yellow Blog! I've been trying to get my **art/creative/craft/yoga/music** mojo jumpstarted for a long time. I think I'm finally finding some sources to inspire and aid in my quest.

It also helps that my masters program is finally coming to a successful end. Yeah, I've got a LOT to do in just a little time. Conventional wisdom says that I should just stick to my school work. (I hardly have enough time to do it as it is!) But I discovered that there's a quality of life that's lost when I don't take some time out for myself.

I've also decided that it's okay if fall off a few band wagons. It's important to experiment and try things out. I think I'm going to start out with three things on her list. There are about three weeks left in March, so I should average out about 1 thing a week. So I think I'm going to...

  • Create art focused on a square (the concept of a square, something square, the shape)

  • Write a page of thoughts on 2 days

  • Draw a rough map of a place in your life - a favorite vacation spot, your house, school, the grocery store (ideas @ Hand Drawn Map Association and links + maps the kids drew at Making Maps and More Maps)

I think these are doable, and I'm excited about ALL of them. Who knew that there was a Hand Drawn Map Association? How cool is that?!


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