Sunday, December 17, 2006

As If It Wasn't Hard Enough For Writers to Get Published!

I first read about this on the Paperback Writer Blog, the Signed and Filtered post. Here is the NY Times blurb and link:

A Pledge for Authors

Any author who signs a contract with the Christian book publisher Thomas Nelson Publishers must also swear to two religious articles of faith, regardless of the subject of the book. The company’s chief executive, Mike Hyatt, told Publishers Weekly that under a new rule that Thomas Nelson, based in Nashville, is calling a “content filter,” authors must agree with the Nicene Creed (“We believe in one God, the Father Almighty ...”) and Philippians 4:8 (“Whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure ... dwell on these things”). The rule will apply not only to writers of books on Christianity, but also to those of secular titles, like business books. JULIE BOSMAN

I think Ms. Viehl's response is hilarious. However, after you finish laughing, you really have to begin to think. My first instinct is to just ignore this. Inspirational literature is NOT my genre. But for this publisher that doesn't matter. Even if you write a secular title you must be a "sign on the dotted line" Christian?!

My next question is how will this affect business. Was this just a "ploy" to get their name in the news? Will readers boycott this publisher for his actions OR will he receive MORE business because "Christians" now know he's a man that they can trust? Something to watch closely, no?

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