Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Self Portrait & Day 12

Goog, at gave me an assignment to do a self portrait. I'm working on improving both my anatomy drawing (which is nonexistant at the moment) and my digital coloring skills. Goog is my mentor for anatomy. VRM1979 is my mentor for coloring. Because I'd like to do animation, digital film, graphic design, comic books, concept art, illustration, etc. I need to develop these skills. So I'm going back to the basics with mentors.

Unfortunately my self portrait really doesn't look like me..

That's okay. It's all practice. While I was browsing the Drawn website, I saw an entry about a guy named Avid Liongoren who was drawing and posting a picture everyday. I really liked his sites. He does the kinda things that I eventually want to do, combining animation and DV. He's got some really cool stuff.
I'm a little late getting started but I'll have this picture be part of my Draw365 project.

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