Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Triathlon in Jeopardy!

For the last 7 weeks, I've been training like a fiend for the Hammerman Sprint Triathlon. (Yes, I know that 7 weeks isn't long enough to train for a triathlon, but I am insane.)  I've been doing P90X in the EARLY mornings (about 4 AM) for the last 5 weeks.  [Yes, I really have been waking up at 3:45AM to exercise at 4AM.)  I've worked up to swimming 550 yards (22 laps or 0.55 miles), biking 14 miles, and running/walking 4 miles.  I have a wetsuit ready.  I'm resting up my muscles this week so that I'll be ready on Sunday (Granted I developed a little cold, but...). Well..

I just read on the site that the event may be cancelled, because of the recent rains and possible bacteria in the lake (Eeeuuwww!), or that the event whole event will be changed to a duathlon.  Now I'm just waiting for the official word.

If the water really is that bad, I hope they postpone the event until the bacteria levels are better.  The swim is my strongest event.  (Not that I'm a strong swimmer by ANY stretch of the imagination.)  This is my first triathlon, so I really want to experience the whole thing.

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