Sunday, January 21, 2007

The 1000 Club!

I was just on the Speculative Romance Online site and I read an article on the 100 Club. The quick story--you write at least 100 words a day for 100 consecutive days on your current WIP. If you miss writing 100 words one day, you have to start all over again. What a cool idea! If there's something writers are good at, it's "tricking" themselves into writing.

Well I've decided to adopt and change that idea a little. I usually have more than one WIP swimming in my katra at any given moment AND I have no problem writing 100 words daily. So how do I make this a challenge to myself...

1,000 words on anything (WIP, free-writes, exercises) for the next 20 days.

I'll post my daily word count at the end of each day (or first thing the next day if I need to get to sleep.) Don't worry, I'll be honest. I'm interested to see if I can make it that far. My "reward" for writing 1,000 a day for 20 days will be to buy myself a book the next day.

Good gracious! That means I can't buy ANY BOOKS for the next 20 days. (Anyone who knows me will know that this is a TRUE sacrifice!) Aww man, if I f$^$^^k up it will be LONGER THAN 20 DAYS BEFORE I CAN BUY A BOOK! Well, I'd better stick to the plan.

I think I can do it. I'm starting to work on a short story for the Romance Divas' February Challenge (man, I'm behind schedule) and of course I've got that epic series that's seized my interest and won't let go. This is a labor of love, so I'm taking my time.

Well, I'd better get going. I've got a lot of writing to do.

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