Sunday, January 23, 2011

Living Outside the Imagination

I LOVE Daisy Yellow Blog.  Tammy is AMAZING!  I have yet to go to her blog and not be inspired in some way.  Yesterday she had a post called Creating Outside the Imagination that was very interesting.  She referenced an article by Phil Shepherd of the British Origami Society.  (I am so impressed that she found this.  Really, this woman  could do research and development for a major company.)  All of this prompted me to ask the question, "How do we step outside our imagination, outside ourselves, and get to those things that we just couldn't possibly imagaine?  Moreover, how do we do this on a daily basis?  How can we change this into a lifestyle and live this way?"

I think that I've experienced something similar to what Shepherd is talking about when I knit or zentangle.  The patterned motions somehow allow my subconscious mind to make contact with my waking world.  I'll suddenly get an idea for an art project, or a possible solution to a problem that's plaguing me. I think many people share that experience.  What I haven't experienced is the creation of something completely new.  Does this crossover require engaging the hands in activity so that the ego-mind is busy or can this be achieved through the stillness of mediation?

My curiousity has been piqued, and my desire to find a better way to create and live have ignited my quest.  I'm going to search for answers to these questions.

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